Attendance and Vacation Information

Taken from Discovery Student Handbook


Attendance at school is more important than ever before.  Most of what happens in school cannot be replicated at home.  Children work in teams, conduct investigations, and become immersed in learning by doing.  When your child is absent, that opportunity is lost.  We encourage students to attend school every day and to arrive on time! Instruction begins when the tardy bell rings, which means that your child should be in the classroom ready to learn at 8:20 a.m.  If you provide transportation or if your child walks to school, please plan on a school arrival time of 8:10 a.m.


Types of Absences: Excused: Excused absences include: illness, observance of a religious holiday, death in the immediate family, family emergency, situations beyond the control of the student, circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for the student’s safety or health, or other reason as approved by the principal. Unexcused: All other absences are considered unexcused.

In the event of any absence, the student’s parent or guardian is required to call the school at (517) 655-2855 ext. 4000 or fill out the form at our Report an Absence link on our Discovery website to explain the reason for the absence.  If the absence has not been reported to the Discovery office by 10:00 a.m. on the day of a student’s absence a school official will call the home to inquire why the student is not at school.  If the parent or guardian cannot be contacted, the student will be required to submit a signed note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence.  Students who are absent from school for more than half-way through the morning or leaving more than half-way through the afternoon will be marked absent for that half day.

If a student accumulates excessive absences or excessive late arrivals to school: attendance awareness letters may be sent to the students home; parents may be contacted to meet with the student’s teacher, principal and other school personnel; the Ingham County truancy officer may be contacted.

Although we want your child to be in attendance every day, we realize that children do become ill. If your child shows visible signs of illness, or has a slight fever of 100 degrees or higher, he/she should stay home.  This prevents the spread of illness to others.

The IEP or 504 team will determine and document whether or not the Attendance Policy, as written, will be applied, revised, or not applied for a student with a disability under IDEA or Section 504 whose disability affects or is suspected of affecting his/her attendance. 

Absences/Homework: If homework is needed for the child, we ask that parents follow these time lines: Please call in the morning (prior to your student's scheduled lunch time) if you would like to pick homework up after school or have it sent home.  If a student is going to be absent for an extended time period due to illness or emergency, please let the school know as soon as possible so the classroom teacher may make necessary arrangements for homework.


Student Vacation Requests: We urge you to plan family vacations to coincide with the school holidays.  If this is not possible, we ask for your cooperation so that your child’s learning will not be unduly interrupted. We request that you notify the school if your child will be away from school on vacation.  Please work with the classroom teacher both before and after your vacation to assure that your child misses a minimal amount of school work and instruction.  While we would like to provide a list of assignments, this is not usually practical, given the nature of our instruction.